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Your gateway to reaching 90% of buyers of fairground equipment monthly in Europe and abroad.
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This dynamic German magazine has found its way to all corners of the globe within a very short space of time – to international amusement parks, into the hands of fairground and park fans, showman companies, and important manufacturers and buyers within the amusement industry. Information about what’s happening at the parks and fairgrounds of Europe and abroad is available to you each month (12 Editions per year).

You will know what’s new in equipment, you can read historical information about those wonderful constructions of days gone by, or find out if the première of that newest ride you are interested in, really went off without a hitch. An up-to-date calendar of important approaching events within Europe is naturally also available, so that you may plan your visits comfortably in advance.

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Extract of Contents

May 2017 Nr. 241

Coaster Pégase Express
Special 40 Years Hansa-Park
Waterpark Twister + 10 Years Galaxy
Top Act L’Extraordinaire Voyage
Magazine Universal´s Volcano Bay
Coaster News from the Park Scene
Kids World Dawson Duel
Kids World The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure
Calendar International Fairs
Top Act i360
 Kaleidoscope Facts – Observations – Short Portraits
New Products
Premières and Announcements
Première Mr. Gravity
Special Herne – Crange
Special Rosenheim
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